Textbooks, notepads, papers, briefcases, umbrellas, and other personal items should all be left at the property counter. Calculator, however, and plain paper for taking notes are permitted within the library.

  • The library should be kept completely silent. When requested by library staff, the member must present their ID card. Maintain silent mode on your phone.
  • It is forbidden to write on or highlight anything in books, journals, maps, etc.
  • A student must present a non-liability certificate from the librarian before receiving any university certificates if they leave the institution before or after finishing the course.
  • Employees must also get a non-liability certificate from the librarian when leaving the university, whether for long leave or retirement.
  • Other than theses and dissertations that are housed in the library, photocopying of documents is allowed. The copyright laws is not violated by xeroxing.


    • For students and non-teaching employees, the loan term will be 3 days, including the day on which issuance. Books are given to teaching personnel for an one month period.
    • If no one has reserved the book, it may be renewed for one additional term. Thus, a book may only be kept by a student or non-teaching staff member for a maximum of one month, and by a member of the teaching staff for a maximum of two months.
    • After one renewal, a member who wants to keep the book must bring it to the library to be reissued (if one is available) and must keep the book in the Stack room for one week.
    • If a book is held over the due date stamped, all library users, including teaching and non-teaching personnel, will be charged a fine of 5 ₹ per day.
    • A book that is momentarily in high demand may be lent for a shorter period of time than what is required. The librarian has the right to revoke loans or shorten their terms whenever necessary.
    • A book or magazine will be held in the custody of the person in whose name it was issued. He or she shall be responsible for paying any damages or losses in recompense.

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