The College is governed by the “Governing Body” constituted as per college code with due recommendation of competent bodies.  The governing body is chaired by Shri Veerendra Tiwari and members of the governing board as per guidelines.  The Governing Body sincerely functions to achieve the vision and mission of the institution. The meetings of governing body are regularly organized to formulate strategies to implement guidelines of National Education Policy (NEP-20), Department of Higher Education, Chhattisgarh Govt., and Affiliating University. In the leadership of the Governing body various initiatives are being taken for effective implementation and execution of desired guidelines to bring institutional distinctiveness by adding to its quality and excellence. The committee administers the institution through participative management and decentralization to inculcate a culture of amicable ambience in the campus. As per recent guidelines of new education policy e-governance and use of ICT (LMS) in teaching learning process has been implemented to bring accuracy, transparency, and fastness to make the governance efficient and accessible.    


  • ·    College Code
  • ·    Constitution of governing body
  • ·    Resolution of GB, implementation salient features of NEP-20 specially multi-disciplinary holistic education, e-governance, ICT, LMS.