Department of English


The Department of English was established in the year 2002. The postgraduate course in English was started in 2014. The first batch came out in 2016. The Department has included contemporary needs of the society in its syllabus including various cross cutting issues. The Department continues to maintain its strength in traditional areas like Renaissance studies, Romantic, Victorian and Modern Literature. Since its inception the Department has served the society through its academic contribution. The research activities are being actively pursued. Our students are exposed to experiential learning pedagogies to enhance their learning to the various aspects of English Literature. The students are being educated with various digital contents of English Literature.


  1.  To nurture Comprehensive knowledge, Critical thinking, reasoning and Inter-disciplinarily among students by effective curricular implementation, regular assessment and evaluation.
  2. To organize academic activities viz. seminars, workshops, conferences, invited lectures and participatory activities.
  3. To collaborate with other universities in areas of common research interests.
  4. To promote research and capacity building in stake holders.
  5. Providing Value Based Quality Education through mentoring students.  


  1. To foster innovative learning eco-system for a foreign language.
  2. Use of digital tools to enhance learning.
  3. To promote creativity, critical thinking and research aptitude in stake holders.
  4. Capacity building and self employment.   


  1. Books in the library
  2. Access to N-LIST - INFLIBNET 
  3. Subscribed e-Journals and e-Books
  4. Computers in the department
  5. Internet facility in the department 
  6. Audio Visual Projection facilities / Smart class 


The scope of M.A. English Literature for post-graduates includes content writer, teacher, translator, editor, copywriter, journalism in print and visual media. 


  1. To provide quality education so that students can analyze a broad range of literatures written in English (including representative authors and major literary periods), recognizing their temporal, social, political, and artistic contexts.
  2. To provide enough exposure to the student so that they can use effectively a range of writing, reading, and research strategies applicable to multiple disciplines.
  3. To develop skills where students can write analytically and creatively, that is to express ideas clearly and incisively in their writing in ways required both inside and outside of the academy.
  4. To develop an advanced infrastructure for capacity building and skill development of the students viz. language lab, other foreign languages.  


Program offered


Intake capacity

Duration semester/year



3 Year



4 Semester