Distinctive Features of the College

Distinctive Features of the College:

  1. Multidisciplinary Institution 
  2. Holistic Environment for Teaching & Learning
  3. Use of ICT/LMS & Experiential Learning Pedagogies
  4. Conduction of value added courses/ workshops/ capacity building and skill development programs/ seminars/ outreach programs 
  5. Promotion for research activities. Recognized Research Center of Geography  
  6. Significant achievements are evidenced in the merit list of the university 
  7. E-Governance 
  8. Central Library with access for digital resources viz. INFLIBNET/SWAYM/EPATHSHALA/MOOCS/NPTL/NDL 
  9. Specious properly ventilated classrooms equipped with online & offline facilities
  10. Well developed scientific laboratories to support undergraduate & postgraduate syllabus 
  11. An advanced computer center
  12. Wi-Fi Campus 
  13. Lush green vast campus with gardens providing natural ecological setting 
  14. Herbal garden having diversity of more than 150 species of medicinal plants serving the educative purpose  
  15. Play ground for various games and athletics
  16. Auditorium equipped for academic conferences and cultural programs 
  17. Significant achievements in the social service and community development by active participation of NSS unit and other students of the college
  18. Cleanliness in the campus maintenance of health and hygiene, blood donation  


Adoption of Best Practices aimed to inculcate quality and excellence: