Department of Botany

                     Department of Botany

Department of Botany, was established in our college in 2017 - 18. Whose first batch passed out in 2019. The Department of Botany is an important department of the college. In which the elective subject is Plant Pathology.


Our department is committed to achieving excellence in dissemination and creation of knowledge to address modern day challenges in plant and molecular biology.


Our department will continue to foster development of independent learning and thinking capacities of students and their employability skills that enrich their professions and communities.

Our research mission of the undergraduate and graduate programs is to generate new knowledge and thereby intellectual growth related to addressing problems in the areas of plant and molecular biology


Botany Lab

  • Our College Botany lab is well equipped for undergraduate and postgraduate students to perform various botany practicals which are necessary for the study of the structure , properties , and biochemical processes of all forms of plant life , as well as plant classification , plant diseases , and the interactions of plants with their physical environment . The laboratory is spacious , well ventilated and are equipped with the necessary instruments such as Dissecting microscopes , compound microscopes ,  , colorimeter , centrifuge Machine , autoclave ,  respirometer , botanical charts and specimens  and & Our Botany Laboratory has 55 preserved plant specimens for studying botanical names and identifying the particular plant in the field . Botany laboratory contains 10 experimental instruments to study the sectioning of Plants , centrifugal process and some physiological experiments like transpiration , Oxygen evolution , seed germination . The exclusive experiments are carried out by using equipments like Auxanometer , Ganong's Photometer , Kuhnes fermentation apparatus , clinical and ultra centrifuges , Shakers , Wiltman's light screen apparatus etc. Our Laboratory also possesses 50 types of economically important Medicinal Plant products . For the preparation and storage of Herbarium of common and RET plants , a separate place is maintained .

 Herbal Garden

  • As botanical specimens are integral part of the study of Botany , a botanical garden with all the necessary specimens is essential . The botanical garden is under its direct care  . The entrance to the garden is adorned by the two majestic Cassuarina equisetifolia . Some of the major plants in the garden are Calophyllum inophyllum Kleinhovia hospita Tectona grandis Polyalthia longifolia Cycas circinalis Azadirachta indica

Career Prospects

  • M.Sc in Botany postgraduation degree course has excellent career opportunities for the graduates in the private and public sectors of various reputed organizations in India and abroad . Jobs after M.Sc in Botany course in India and the salary for the course are in a diverse range along with good placements for the postgraduates after the course .
  • M.Sc Botany course provides students with all the vital information they need to succeed in the career they want to pursue . Some of the best scope for M.Sc in Botany freshers are :  Ecologists
  •  Project Manager Environmental or Safety Specialists
  • Scientific Researcher  Quality Control Officer Lab Technician Medical Representative

Future scope

 Botany degree  candidates can work as plant explorer , conservationist , ecologist , environment consultant , horticulturist , plant biochemist , nursery manager , genetics , molecular biologists taxonomist , plant pathologist , environmental consultant and farming

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