One Day Speacial Lecture on Career Guidance by Mr. Prakash Tripath, Former Deputy Registrar

Name: One Day Speacial Lecture on Career Guidance by Mr. Prakash Tripath, Former Deputy Registrar
Date: 28-12-2023
Chaitanya Science & Arts College in Pamgarh hosted a special lecture  aimed at providing valuable career guidance to its undergraduate and postgraduate students. The lecture, organized by the college administration, featured Mr. Prakash Tripath, Assistant Professor at Swami Atmanand College, as the keynote speaker.
The event, held in the college auditorium, saw a large turnout of eager students from various disciplines. Mr. Tripath, known for his expertise in career counseling, delivered an insightful session focusing on the importance of making informed career choices and navigating the ever-evolving job market.
During his lecture, Mr. Tripath emphasized the significance of identifying one's strengths, interests, and aspirations early on in their academic journey. He provided students with practical tips on resume building, interview preparation, and networking strategies, crucial skills for securing employment in today's competitive landscape.
Addressing the audience, Mr. Tripath said, "Your academic journey is just the beginning of a larger adventure in the professional world. It's essential to have clarity about your career goals and to continuously work towards achieving them. With the right guidance and determination, every student can carve out a fulfilling career path."
The lecture also included interactive sessions where students had the opportunity to ask questions and seek personalized advice from Mr. Tripath. Topics such as industry trends, skill development, and higher education options were discussed in detail, catering to the diverse interests and ambitions of the attendees.