2nd Commemoration Lecture in the loving memory of late Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai.

Name: 2nd Commemoration Lecture in the loving memory of late Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai.
Date: 14/10/2023
Chaitanya Science and Arts College proudly organized the "2nd Commemoration Lecture in Loving Memory of Late Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai." The event was held to honor and remember the remarkable contributions of the late Professor Sharad K. Vajpai, a distinguished figure in the world of academic and a source of inspiration for many. This commemorative lecture serves as a platform to celebrate his legacy and to acknowledge his enduring impact on the academic community.

The event began with heartfelt tributes and reflections from the distinguished guests. Each guest had a unique perspective on the late Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai's life and contributions. Dr. Lalit Prakash Pateria, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor, emphasized how Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai's dedication to education and research continues to inspire the academic community. Mr. Veerendra Tiwari, the Chairman of Chaitanya Science and Arts College, expressed his gratitude for Prof. Vajpai's unwavering support for the institution. Dr. W.B. Gurmule, the Chief Guest and Speaker, spoke about the enduring impact of Prof. Vajpai's work in the field of chemistry and how his teachings continue to shape the future of young minds. Prof. Kiran Vajpai, who shares the same academic discipline as the late Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai, praised his mentorship and guidance that led to her own academic achievements. Dr. Veenapani Dubey, the Chief Speaker, delved into the significant contributions of Prof. Vajpai and how his legacy continues to influence the scientific community. Dr. Latika Bhatiya, the Special Guest, highlighted Prof. Vajpai's role in promoting science and education in the region and his association with the Indian Science Congress Association. The event celebrated the enduring legacy of Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai, who dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of the academic community. His influence transcends disciplines, and his memory lives on through the Chaitanya Science and Arts College's Commemoration Lecture series.

The lecture series aims to continue the spirit of academic excellence and research, values that Prof. Vajpai held dear throughout his life. It serves as a testament to the profound impact an individual can have on the lives of many and the importance of preserving and sharing their wisdom.
The "2nd Commemoration Lecture in Loving Memory of Late Prof. Sharad K. Vajpai" was a heartwarming tribute to a luminary in the field of education and research. The event brought together scholars, students, and admirers of Prof. Vajpai to celebrate his life and legacy. It is a reminder of the lasting impact one individual can have on the academic world and the importance of carrying forward their work and ideals.