Celebration of World Heart Day-2023

Name: Celebration of World Heart Day-2023
Date: 30/09/2023

Chaitanya Science and Arts College celebrated World Heart Day on September 30th, in collaboration with the Department of Zoology and Botany. The event featured distinguished guests, including Dr. Jairam Iyer, a renowned heart specialist from Pulse Hospital Durg, and Dr. Veenapani Dubey, the director of Pandit Sunderlal Sharma University. The program commenced with an opening address by motivational speaker Mr. Vivek Joglekar, who extended a warm welcome to the guests. Mrs. Shubhada  Joglekar, Head of the Science Department, and Ms. Bhagwati Sahu, Assistant Professor of the Assistant Prof. Of Zoology , were responsible for organizing the event.


Dr. Veenapani Dubey one of the chief guests, emphasized the significance of maintaining a healthy heart. She encouraged attendees to adopt a healthier lifestyle, engage in regular exercise, and reduce the consumption of oily foods while increasing their protein intake.

In his address.

 Dr. Jairam Iyer advised that individuals should enjoy a varied diet until the age of 25, provided they burn as many calories as they consume. He also provided insights into heart-related issues, including what to do in the event of a heart attack. Dr. Iyer stressed the importance of seeking medical attention promptly, as a heart attack is often caused by blocked arteries, and timely medical intervention can save a life.

He further explained that a person's chances of survival increase if immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is administered within seven minutes of a heart attack, especially if it occurs during physical activity. Dr. Iyer recommended reducing salt intake with age, engaging in regular exercise, and maintaining a nutritious diet.

Following their addresses, Dr. Iyer entertained questions from students, providing knowledgeable answers to satisfy their curiosity.

The event concluded with expressions of gratitude from Ms. Dimple Patel, Assistant Professor of the Zoology and Ms. Payal Dubey, Assistant Professor of the Botany, Mr. Virendra Tiwari, Director of this College, appreciated the program, and Principal Dr. V.K. Gupta highlighted the importance of such initiatives to promote heart health.

The program's success was made possible through the participation of various college professors, with technical arrangements expertly managed by Mr. Sarojmani Banjare and Mr. Dhaneshwar Suryavanshi. The event witnessed the enthusiastic presence of several professors and students from the college.

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